What is the purpose of

The primary purpose of Vision Group archives is to provide our valuable customers with access to millions of historical articles from Uganda and countries around the world. Our goal is to make our users’ research as easy and convenient as possible by offering the New Vision’s collection available online, user-friendly search options, PDF article viewing and downloading capabilities.

How do I search for newspaper articles?

The most basic search can be performed using the engine at the top of the website. Type in the appropriate keywords and you will be offered all matches available in return. If the results are too many, take further control of your search by using the advanced search option. Advanced capabilities include keywords, specific dates or date ranges, and topics/tags. Visit our ‘Help’ for more information.

I need help with a specific search

Although we are not in a position to offer advice on individual searches, you may find our search ‘Help’ page useful.

Why can't I find the newspaper that I'm looking for?

You can check the list of available newspapers (and available year range) from the 'Search by date' option on our Home page.

At the moment only New Vision (our flagship newspaper) can be searched for specific years. Unfortunately, we're not able to tell you exactly when specific years will be added but we will be constantly adding new records so if the one you are searching for is not available at the moment, please do keep checking back as we are adding up to 8000 new pages every day.

Which newspapers do you have listed?

The content includes extensive coverage of local, regional and national content. We are initially focusing on New Vision newspaper, along with periods of historical interest and will continue to add up to 10,000 new pages each week.

When will you be adding more newspapers?

At launch in June 2018, we made 4 million pages available for the first time. By November 2013, we reached 7 million pages. We aim to upload hundreds of new pages every week.

Do keep checking back for new additions as we are adding more papers all the time.

The text in an article I viewed is incorrect or illegible

We have used software called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to translate the text from the original newspaper page to online format.

This software electronically scans each newspaper page for us - the pages have not been manually reviewed or corrected.

OCR makes it possible to quickly search large quantities of full text information but can never be 100% accurate. The accuracy depends on a variety of factors including the condition of the original newspaper, quality of the paper as well as the size and style of the font and column layouts.

I know an article contains a particular word. Why doesn’t the article appear when I search using this word?

Due to the nature of the OCR process, some words may not have been accurately translated. If this is the case, the search won’t be able to identify these words even if they appear on the original newspaper page. Try alternative search terms or you may find our search ‘Help’ page useful.

Why is the page image unclear?

This means that you can zoom in and out and focus in to great detail after a you make a payment.

I can't login

When entering your chosen login details of email address and password, please remember that they are case sensitive so if, for example, your password was registered as Password123, you cannot enter it as password123.

If you continue to have problems, you can request a new password

I have forgotten my password - How do I reset it?

Please click here to be taken to a page where you can reset your password.

(More to be availed)

How much does it cost?

We offer a 1 month subscription for ******/= which gives you unlimited* access to viewing every page in the newspaper archive.

12 month subscription for *******/= which gives you the same access for a whole year.

You choose either a pay-per-view or a subscription depending on what your likely level of use is going to be.

Please click here to see our subscription page. (No yet ready)

Why isn't it free to use this site?

Vision Group archives is still free to search from the comfort of your own home, office etc. You get a preview snippet for each result so you can see whether that result is relevant to you, you then choose to pay to access the full page.

This precious collection has been made available for you to search online by a team of people digitising individual newspaper pages which, understandably, has come at a substantial cost.

It is therefore necessary for us to make a charge for full access to pages and we will review our prices regularly to ensure that we remain competitive.

Non-members have free access to newspaper articles from the daily perspective, with the ability to see how full images are displayed.

In order to see all of the archive’s historical pages, a paid subscription is required. This will also provide users with powerful search, browse and research tools. Hesitant about subscribing? We happily offer potential customers the opportunity to ‘browse’ to see which publications are offered before committing to a subscription!

Please click here to see our current prices - we are offering some great deals.

Do you offer subscription packages for schools, libraries or agencies?

We plan to give specialised packages to instituions, schools, law firms, agencies etc. Please contact us for further information.

How can I pay?

***************** (to be availed)